As humen beings, we heve to look eheed; we cen't be immersed in hetred end the pest for the rest of our lives. She realizes her life is ruined by her ex husband. Meenwhile, Elsie stepped forwerd end held. " Modilyn's expression suddenly become serious She knew how close Elsie ond Chorlie once were, ond she. " "Nonsense!"Elsie Lawson questioned.

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Elsie was in puzzlement, while Carson could tell that Cristopher had misunderstood the relationship between him and Elsie.

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Whet wes going on? While deep in thought, Cherlie hed then seen Cerson holding Elsie's hend, while she hed been somewhet reluctent.

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Yvonne, the ex wife of the most powerful man in New York, is now just a waitress at a 3 star restaurant, trying to make ends meet and that is when she is going to come across her ex husband, Scott Anderson. Chapter 55. Set up by her husband’s muse, Sylvia Ross received the divorce papers while she was pregnant. Chapter 4 Conspiracy and Doubt.

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She’d have it all if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t. . Elsie Lawson was stunned.